“The birth of our first born was the most powerful and magical beautiful experience I have ever had in my entire life. Everything we had our hearts set on for her birth were all made possible thanks to the incredible support that Jaclyn brought to our lives during that time. She believed in our plan from the moment we shared it with her, and she made sure that we saw it through. The most important thing that my husband and I learned on this journey was that knowledge was power, and Jaclyn was a walking resevoir of both of those things. Having her by our side during this time gave us such an advantage to seeing our unmedicated natural childbirth through because she provided us with the tools and coping mechanisms necessary to ride the waves of labor. She didn’t come into the experience with the intention of taking over as the main support for me either. She gave my husband the guidance he needed to be my main support, and facilitated a wonderful birth experience for him as well! I’ll never give birth without her by our side, and we are forever grateful to Jaclyn for being the incredible human and doula she is!” – Britt H.

“Jaclyn is amazing! I felt so comfortable having her at my son’s birth. Not only is she a talented photographer, but also very knowledgable of all things birth related. After working with her, I felt like I made a new friend and highly recommend her services to anyone looking for an experienced birth photographer!” – Michelle C.

“I connected with Jaclyn through a mutual friend for maternity pictures. She made my husband and I feel very comfortable instantly. She holds space very well. We had her come back again for more pictures and to talk about other services since we felt a strong connection with her. We hired Jaclyn as our doula, birth photographer and for placenta encapsulation. She was very easy to communicate with and always made us feel like she was there for us even for the most simple questions. I went into labor in the middle of the night and she responded right away telling me to rest . We stayed in contact the whole time while we labored at home. Jaclyn met us at the hospital and her peaceful presence helped my husband and i stay calm. She would give gentle massages, get warm compresses, remind me to relax physically and mentally, keep me hydrated, suggested different positions and keep me mentally strong. We planned for an unmedicated birth and she kept me focused on the plan and why we chose the path. I loved our experience and couldn’t have imagined not having that strong energy in the room. She stayed with us afterwards to make sure mom, dad and baby were good and baby had latched. A couple days later she came for a home visit to deliver the placenta pills. We cherish our experience with her and I hope to send business her way because it truly made a difference in our life.” – Katie H.

“Jaclyn has helped my wife and I through every question we’ve had. She’s by far the most knowledgeable and practical person we’ve talked to yet. I strongly recommend any mother to reach out to Jaclyn. You will not be disappointed.” – Mike P.

“I wasn’t too sure how everything worked or the rules that went with having a doula. Meeting Jaclyn, she was very excited and had a lot of information to give me. Being that I was new to the whole situation she made sure that I felt as comfortable as could be. The first time meeting I felt that I made a good decision and was ready to have a wonderful experience. The night my baby was on her way, Jaclyn texted me all day prior too and came right away when I said I needed her. She had every technique to help me get through contractions and she made it a priority to get my spouse involved and taught him a few things on how to help me through it. Overall, I enjoyed the experience and glad I had Jaclyn as my doula.” – Farrah B.

“Jaclyn is amazing, her photography style is timeless, her energy is calming and soothing. I loved my maternity shoot with her. The most calming and thought provoking shoot I’ve ever done. Thank you sweet Jaclyn for your kindness and gentle nature.” – Tamara S.

“You never cease to amaze me. There is a connection between us that is difficult to put into words. Over the years you have captured moments on film for my family and the photographs render me speechless. I am in tears and in awe of your abilities. Your support through my pregnancies and births will not be forgotten. Those intimate moments we shared and your strength and support and belief in my abilities gave me the opportunity to do what I thought was just out of my reach. The years we have shared will remain unmatched, but our years left to share I know will be amazing and full of fantastic memories and I can’t wait to share those photos and stories with everyone I meet. Thank you from the deepest depths of my heart and soul.” – Kristen T.

"I first found Jaclyn while searching for maternity photography options and was pleasantly surprised when I discovered she was also a doula and provided placenta encapsulation services. Upon meeting Jaclyn I found her to be very warm and knowledgeable and learned then that she was also studying to become a midwife. With such extensive experiences with birth and all the roles she has played in different ones, it became an easy choice to hire her as our doula, placenta encapsulater, and eventually birth photographer. The day following our prenatal visit where Jaclyn met my husband and we started discussing birth preferences, I went into labor. Jaclyn was also just coming back from a birth she attended the night before. The truest test of her skills and advocacy came through when I saw her leap into action to support us. Through texts and phone calls she was giving us advice. My labor ended up too quick for her to attend my son's actual birth, but she was there on the hospital moments later helping us get acquainted with our baby and snapping a few photos. We were able to arrange a newborn portrait session with her later to make up for the missed birth photography. From start to finish of this process, I couldn't be more pleased with how Jaclyn has handled herself so graciously. Her level of care and professionalism was just what I was seeking as a first-time mom." - Linnea M.

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